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Become a popular person




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What do all popular people have in common? Do they all wear the same clothes? Do they wear the same haircut? Do they say the same things? Certainly not! There are popular people all over the world, enjoying their social status at school, at work or wherever they go. There is no magic quality that can make you popular, but if you can make yourself stand out, be sociable and get involved in events, you will improve your ability to attract stares and smiles wherever you go. If you want to learn how to be popular, all you have to do is follow the advice in this article.
Believe in yourself. No one is perfect, consequently perfection is not necessary to be popular. Even if you feel you are far from being an ideal person, the first step to gain confidence is to believe in yourself. Don’t hide-if the time is right get up and enjoy the spotlight. By spending most of your time worrying about your appearance or the judgment of others, you won’t get very far. Instead, learn to love who you are and what you do. By loving yourself you will also become attractive in the eyes of others. Stand out in class, too; raise your hand and complete your homework on time. People will learn to know who you are. Never be afraid to take the floor! Fake it until it becomes real! Even if you don’t really feel confident, move with equal confidence; it is the first step you need to take to be able to really feel good. Showing confidence is closely related to body language. Walk tall and keep your arms at your sides instead of crossing them over your chest. Don’t keep your back or shoulders hunched. Build your confidence by excelling at activities you enjoy or by taking up new interests. Identifying something you are truly passionate about will make you feel more proud of yourself.